Sun Path Family Farm
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Our Story   


Sun Path Family Farm is an urban farm located in the Oakgrove/Bellemeade neighborhood of Richmond’s southside. The farm is owned and operated by Alia Chambers & Jeremy Carry. Jeremy & Alia started off as hobby gardeners, growing food for their household of five. They quickly saw the benefits in growing their own food and supporting their local farmers markets. Not only was the grocery budget looking better, they were looking better and feeling better too. But the enjoyment was short live when they realized that the community in which they lived in ultimately had no access to fresh organic produce.

One day while browsing gardening videos on YouTube, Jeremy discovered a video about bio-intensive urban farming that allowed farmers to grow large quantities of produce on small plots of land. They immediately felt as though they had found their life’s work and purpose. Through this method, they could grow enough food to provide not only for themselves but for family, friends, and their community. They established Sun Path Family Farm in February 2018 to provide access and education to their community and to also provide fresh, local organic produce to restaurants, chefs, and local grocery stores.

Jeremy, who had recently relocated from D.C., worked in administration at Sibley Memorial Hospital on the oncology unit. Through this work he developed a passion for helping those in need and had been looking for ways to connect this passion with a new career path. Alia had been growing weary of her "9 to 5" with the federal government and had also been searching for a new sense of fulfillment. Their love of gardening has not only become a shared passion but a shared life's purpose.

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“A happy and healthy community is not a fairytale. All you need is a seed.” 

/  alia (founder)  /



This will be our third season growing vegetables and herbs in our backyard. With our third growing season, comes the launch of our market farm. As new market farmers, our off-season has been dedicated to studying and reading on the latest organic growing practices and we are excited to see these practices become a reality in our own growing spaces. Since we are a small scale farm, we have been studying how to maximize our grow space and will be incorporating vertical growing infrastructure into our farm. We have taken the time to study and learn from some of the top farmer's in the industry and understand that building your soil quality is the key to a beautiful garden and a bountiful harvest. As small scale farmers, we are constantly experimenting and modifying our growing techniques to make sure they are the most efficient and the most productive.  



“We aim to make fresh produce accessible to all families in our community.”


/  jeremy (founder)  /